Plan, then do! Business planning course (8 weeks)

For business owners who want to get in the 30% faster growth margin.

Business planning is crucial for business success, longevity and sustainable growth. You will learn the 8 core principles in business planning and complete your preformatted business plan throughout.

The end result? Well that's up to you.

You will be pitch ready. Confident. Ready to scale and grow with consistency and longevity.

Strategic Transformation course (3 months)

Providing you with all the tools you need to optimise your time to create the space and freedom you desire to feel fulfilled in life.

This is for those of you who are resource hungry and like to take the lead. You'll feel empowered throughout as we explore your holistic needs and build goals in true alignment.

You will learn, practice, implement and grow, paving your way to your brightest future.

This course is suitable for business owners as well as career driven individuals.

How would it feel to...

be in control

of your outcomes and have the confidence to create positive change every single day. Know your worth, your expertise and your direction.


your productivity and banish the belief that there aren’t enough hours in the day to get through everything.  Eliminate procrastination and stop doing the “busywork”. 

Free your mind

from stress and frustration, knowing you are working towards your OWN goals. Overcome any overwhelm to create space to relax and care for yourself.

I bring forward my experience from my career as an Intensive Care Nurse, personal mental health recovery and MSc Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology to build a holistic success strategy personal to you. Adapting methods from compassion focused therapy and my skills as an entrepreneur, we will work together to find YOUR happy. 


I encountered Emma after taking up a new outdoor adventure sport. In comparison to my peers, I was very inexperienced and doubtful in my ability to develop at a sufficient pace and considered myself a burden to the rest of the group. Emma’s support and encouragement to continue and develop as well as changing my perspective that what I was doing was hard gave the motivation to carry on. I learned that there is no shame in falling down and that allowed me to be a competent member of the group where I now enjoy every challenge.
local government administrator

you will receive...

powerful mindset training

Gaining clarity is a difficult journey. Often, we will come across challenges, adversity or inherent beliefs that are holding us back. I’m here to show you how to let go of any limiting beliefs and heal with you to create space within you to be able to grow. 


resource bundles

Packed with customisable strategies, and templates, ready for you to jump straight in whilst maintaining complete autonomy.

unlimited support

Ask and you will receive. Please email, voice note, message me with absolutely anything you would like support with. I love seeing progress and will happily provide comprehensive feedback in between our coaching sessions.

Before using Eclarity Coaching, I was stuck in a career that was not right for me. I dreaded going into work, which was really damaging my mental wellbeing. I had an idea of what I wanted to do in life, however was apprehensive about making such a major change as I had invested so much time and effort in my current career. After speaking with Emma, we configured a career plan, setting short term goals to aid my motivation, and as I began to achieve the goals one by one, the larger plan came together. Through one to one coaching, Emma has given me a new lease of life; I am in a career I have always aimed to do, achieving things I never thought I would be able to.

let's break it down a litte bit more...

Welcome bundle

You will receive a welcome bundle so I can get to know you from the get go. This will allow me to have a strategy ready to suit you from our first point of contact- my favourite part is this discovery! I can't wait to learn about you!

private intensive

I’ll greet you with a 90 minute intensive call or meet up, where we will get really clear on your goals and intentions for your chosen programme.

Private Coaching Sessions

We will meet over a real or virtual cuppa and delve in to your personalised strategy. You can book in to suit your schedule and I will really stretch and support you to achieve the most from these sessions.

Review and accountability

We will be setting some serious goals and intentions at the end of each session and I will be checking in to make sure you feel these are still meaningful to you. We’ll use this feedback to tailor the next session to suit your progress.

Unlimited Feedback

I will be accessible via email, phone and social media to check in with any time you like. Whether you just need a little more encouragement, feeling totally overwhelmed or just want someone to celebrate with, I am here on this whole journey with you.

Exclusive Facebook Community

Transparently YOU is a platform for all EClarity clients to connect, inspire and motivate each other. Packed full of extra training, mindset work and generous giveaways, this will be your new favourite hangout spot!