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Before I found Emma I was looking for a way to clear my mind, gain focus and clarity in my life. I didn’t have the confidence to talk about my mental health and share my experience with others. My aim has always been to share my journey whilst working on my own mindset. My biggest challenge has been overthinking and stopping myself from taking action towards my goals. Emma has shown me how to change my mindset to be more relaxed, open and confident. I feel amazing! AS A RESULT OF WORKING WITH EMMA, I SEE A TOTAL SHIFT IN MY MINDSET AND I GENUINELY FEEL EVERYTHING IS CLEARER. EMMA HELPED ME TO ORGANISE MY THOUGHTS WITH THE QUESTIONS SHE BROUGHT TO OUR CALLS. SHE ENCOURAGED ME TO RE EVALUATE WHAT WAS IMPORTANT TO ME AND WEATHER I WAS WILLING TO MAKE THE CHANGES NECESSARY TO HAVE THE LIFE I WANTED. THE ANSWER, YES! ​
Before EClarity Coaching I was feeling overworked and distressed with many different aspects of my life. My biggest challenge was achieving a clear outlook on the how I would deal with a few different but equally difficult decisions, both personally and professionally. I reached out to Emma because my usual approaches weren’t working effectively, and actually left me feeling more anxious. I felt I needed an outsider’s ear, advice, and guidance. After I started working with Emma, I learned new techniques that I am able to utilise on a daily basis which help me deal with any overthinking, and our weekly discussions leave me feeling more clear headed and lighter - I would absolutely recommend EClarity to anyone who is feeling exhausted, overburdened, or would just like to feel a little happier.
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